Contributing to this Site

The Astronomy Club welcomes and appreciates your contribution so everyone can share your exciting experience and images.

In order to make maximise visitor’s experience, there are some very basic steps I do recommend when doing so:

  • Structure your narration so it can be easily followed
  • Use a simple language
  • When using technical terms, link to Wikipedia (can be done after finalising)
  • Rather than using many images, use few of the best

With regards to Taxonomy:

The post as well as the images you upload can and should be labelled with Categories and Tags. The strategic value is to be able to provide Category or Tag clouds or lists. Posts and Pages can then easily query images and posts of a certain subject (e.g. list all Jupiter mages, or Satellite flares of Metop)

To achieve this, I added a plugin that allows to use Categories for MEDIA items (Uploads). Apply as many as match to the provided media. Add all hierarchy items (e.g. Deep Sky–>Galaxies)

Same applies for the post itself, the better categories, the better a particular subject can be identified to a post and this info later be re-used.

TAGS provide addition, specific and less repetitive information. It could be specific names of locations. Often used terms have become a category (even Names like GSI, CERN or METOP satellites), so first do the categories then see if tags can contribute to taxonomy.


(this page may be updated whenever needed)