Photos of Sun with Solar-Scope!

I finally manage to grap the scope with my mobile tripod when the sun was out this afternoon…for a while.

While clouds passed in between, sun moved behind trees, eventually the neighbor’s house started blocking the view, I needed to move to the street. But apparently, I had already shot the best shots on my terrace!


  • Canon 550D
  • Coronado ST 40/400 PST Personal Solar Telescope (H-Alpha) (see also expenditures-2021)
  • Travel Tracking Mount
Solar Scope with two operating Etalons and my Canon 550D attached – getting focused was a challenge!
The sun on 28 Aug 2021 at 5pm thru H-Alpha filtered view, taken with my Canon EOS 550D – check out the flares bottom right and sun spots as well as structures

…the results can be seen here on the left side!

This of course correlates with professional imagery:

GHN H-Alpha from NOAA, 28 Aug 2021 at 8:22 UTC