Perseid Star Party on 14/15 August

Mid-August is Perseid metor shower time, so a few of us gathered together on a Odenwald hill to enjoy the show.

Left: Milky way at its finest; Right: Meteor at 23:30 over Neutsch (by Carsten, Canon EOS 550D ƒ/2,8 20 Sek. 18 mm ISO 1600)

Location: Neutsch

And indeed, the showers had been more active than we could rememer in the past years. The peak was already on 11th and we a few days late, but have a look:

Gallery by Carsten: (photos from others may follow once available)

Holger Krämer was also doing a lot of astrophotography on the North-America Nebula, Heart Nebula, Triangle Galaxy, Dumbbell Nebula,….see them on link the link above!

Above all, we did manual DSO chasing (Deep Sky/Space Objects):

  • Clusters
    • M2, M13 (Great Hercules Cluster), M15, M22, M30, M45 (Pleiades), M92, NGC 869 and NGC 884 (Double Cluster)
  • Nebula
    • M8 (Lagoon), M16, M17, (M20 Triffid), M27 (Dumbbell), M57 (Ring)
  • Galaxies
    • M31 (Andromeda), M33 (Triangle), M81(Bode), M82 (Cigar)
  • Planets
    • Jupiter, Saturn (we forgot Neptune/Uranus!)
  • Other

Please comment if you had been able to catch some thign of the Perseid shower

Clear Skies

Carsten (Club Chair)