Moon and Uranus

Reminded by Ines, if Uranus is observable next to the Moon….”right now”, I jumped out and indeed was able to capture a few nice shots. All I used was a standard tripod and the Canon EOS 5D III, using Standard lens (35-105mm) and the Sigma superzoom (150-600mm).

Then on some other occasions…

Holger had messaged a photo of a Halo. So, again I jumped out to find it is still, there and also in Griesheim (not that far apart, weather wise). The other two photos were captured on the Star Party I had invoted to short notice. Later on, Theo came along with his son. Here you can see Orion on the background along with my Refractor setup.

Moon Halo 14 March 2022
220324 - Stargazing Carsten with Refractor